Pneuma is an ancient Greek word for "breath" and in a religious context for "Spirit" or "Soul". - Wikipedia

Pneuma focuses on promoting positive, Christian values within the art and style of surf apparel. Based out of a section of the Bible verse found in John 10:10, "that they may have life and have it more abundantly", the brand intends to capture the stoke of living life's full potential in the most incredible experiences. 

Our Logo: The left side depicts a wave representing the surf lifestyle. The right side is a flame symbolizing “Pneuma”, or “Spirit” representative of dreams and passions. 

We believe that our business is a channel to help those who are less fortunate in local, national, and international communities. Profits from the business will go to aid outreach endeavors, catering to the needs of the poor and oppressed, and aiding programs that work to reduce the impact of negative experiences and poverty.


Pneuma LLC manufactures and markets innovative clothing designed and inspired by our faith in God, art, our community, and the board sport culture. We promote faith-based values and a life of abundance God intended for us to live.     


The focus of our clothing brand is to:

  • Promote faith-based values.
  • Capture the essence of the surf lifestyle and the board sport culture in creative arts. 
  • Center on our mission in generating profits to aid outreach programs that work in taking action towards the needs of those locally and internationally.